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Tea infusers that suit your taste

For a great tasting cup of tea, a tea infuser is very essential. As we all know, the way tea is prepared plays an important role on how it tastes. Infusers help to keep all loose leaves in place. Basically, it makes serving tea easy because you do not have to strain the tea after allowing it to steep. Also it allows, the tea leaves to completely infuse and allow all the flavors to completely infuse in the water. Behind a great cup of tea, there is always an infuser.

Now that you have known that an infuser is behind great tea, do not rush to the stores and get just any tea infuser, there are very many factors to consider before buying or when choosing infusers. Purchasing the wrong type will make things more difficult for you. You also need to make yourself familiar with all information about infusers so that you are very sure of exactly what you are looking for. Such information can be got from sites with tea infuser review.

Types of tea infusers

A lot of names are given to tea infusers, but mostly they are called tea balls and tea eggs. Some people also refer to them as tea makers. They are found in different sizes and shapes. Tea infusers depending on brand are made of metal or glass. Some balls are made out of mesh and end up making good infusers.

Single serve infusers.

These are attached to a cup with a lid are available. They are suitable for making only a cup of tea for one.

Teapot infusers

For those who want to make large amounts of tea, especially if you entertain your visitors with tea, you need to get teapot infusers. A teapot infuser seems the most convenient, but this is not always true. If you already purchased a teapot, all you might now need is a metal ball infuser. On putting the tea leaves inside, the metal will ensure that they stay inside and does not spill all over. To serve your guests all you need to do is remove the ball. Ball infusers can be used with any type of teapot.

Mesh infuser

If you are making tea with leaves that are too small for normal infusers, then the mesh infuser is all you need. It is designed to have smaller holes which takes care of small leaves.

Perforated tea infuser ball

The perforated tea infuser ball performs a number of functions. It is used by most tea drinkers and considered the best tea infuser. The only disadvantage of this type of infuser is that it has large holes hence not suitable for small leaves.